Buffalo River National Forest

For Jordan's 18th bday and High School Graduation, we loaded up Mr. Peepers and Tan Tan and headed to the Ozark mountains to the Buffalo River National Forest.

We stayed in the most amazing cabin with horse pens in Snowball, Arkansas and daily we rode the trails in the 20,000 acre park home to bear, deer, elk and turkey.

We enjoyed a four hour canoe ride down the Buffalo river, mostly calm but we hit a few rapids that challenged our canoe skills.

We also brought our dog Murphy along and she has a huge rock fettish.   When we reached the end of the canoe ride, the outfitter tried to lift the canoe onto shore.  "He looked at us and said, "Why is this canoe so heavy?"  We looked inside the canoe and Murphy had collected over 100 rocks along the canoe ride - good dog!

We also encountered lots of boy scout troops and their leaders out enjoying the wilderness - such nice young men!

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