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December 25, 2016

Surprised Jordan with a new OTTB Christmas day 2016 - Blushing Diva.   This is a lovely 2 year old filly who didn't quite like life on the race track so she has come to the ranch to find her second career.   She has outstanding breeding out of Alywonder by Justa Red Bird with Northern Dancer, Secretariat, Storm Cat and Alydar in her lineage.   Diva is 3 years old now and Jordan is working with her daily through groundwork, flatwork and lots of trail riding.    Diva did her first Endurance ride in September at the Quitaque Pole Canyon ride in the Texas Panhandle - she was strong and proved a worthy endurance horse on the 15-mile ride.  


Phantom came to Red Hawk Ranch in October 2016 with a suspensory injury.  He has been off for over a year to heal.   He is a 11 yr old Selle Francais, former jr jumper and a real sweetheart.   Unfortunately, Phantom has now developed EPM, a neurological disease, and its too far progressed to treat.  He will live his remaining years eating carrots, grazing on 70 acres of coastal bermuda and swimming in his favorite pond.

Maverick Jumping

Jordan loves retooling Off the track Thoroughbreds.  This is Maverick who won one race in his six starts.   He had some physical challenges due to injuries on the race track but Jordan worked with him a long time to bring him to his full potential.   He did Hunter Jumper for a while but due to his injuries on the track he was more suited to dressage.


Newman was a great find and he was coming along nicely when a freak accident with a fence took his life.   He too had lots of issues from the track -- his teeth had never been floated and he had huge sores on his mouth and tongue, his hooves were a mess and his bones brittle.   Jordan worked for a year to bring Newman back to health.   He was a very sweet, calm horse and well on his way to a great career in hunter jumper.  RIP Newman.

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