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The Fall at Red Hawk Ranch

It’s a HOT fall sunny day on the North Texas prairie. The geese we had all summer have flown north, the mesmerizing hummingbird buzzing through the herb & vegetable garden are gone, the coyote packs provide a vibrant soundtrack as the yellow and scorched leaves of the live oak tree disappear in the wind.

Fall is my favorite time of year. After baking like eggs on hot cement day, we can finally free our winter clothes, saddle up the horses and head for the trail! My youngest daughter Jordan and I did a competitive trail ride over the weekend at the grasslands dam at the lake.

The Lake Ray Roberts Equestrian Trail Association raised over $170K from a Texas Parks & Wildlife grant, GREENFEST proceeds and private donors, to put a new bridge on the trail from 455FM to 428FM. Rubber padding provides secure footing across the bridge and the design blends beautifully into the natural surroundings.

So, I have an amazing week of rides planned. Tomorrow, riding ROO in a REINERS GIVE BACK clinic at Tom & Mandy McCutcheon Reining Horses. My friend Susanne and I are riding with Derby & Futurity winner Jason VanLandingham – “OH PLEASE be gentle Mr. V, I’m a beginner!”

Friday, Jordan and I are taking the horses to Sister Creek Ranch in the Texas Hill Country for a trail riding weekend with my girlfriends. The LQ trailer with all its luxuries -- my contribution to the tiny house movement, provides the perfect barndominium on wheels.

I hear there is a professional chef there too so “doubly sweet.”


For those of you who don’t know the PamZilla story, here it is…

I married my husband a decade ago and we blended three teenage daughters together in our new house in Lucas, Texas. Strangers who had never lived together forced to play one happy family -- it was a challenge and many fights ensued, tears fell and egos bruised but we came out the other side solid. My daughters gave me the name Pamzilla when they all hit 13 at different times. That's the magic number for girls, 13! Hands waving, eyes rolling and "whatever" kept me company for many, many years. Evidently, my mothering practices obviously weren’t very popular back then and they really did mean it. Fortunately, I consider it a “term of endearment” now -- I know they do too :)

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