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A Blushing Diva Surprise !

It was a truly blessed Christmas at Red Hawk Ranch this year! We surprised our daughter Jordan Kettle with a new OTTB, Blushing Diva, Christmas morning. It was a 2 week surprise in the making. Jordan sends me photos of available OTTB all the time on my FB page, I usually look at them and move on with my day. But the post she sent of this gorgeous gray OTTB 2 yr old filly caught my eye and I couldn't shake her from my memory. I noticed she was in Gainesville, a short drive from the ranch so I thought, what the heck, I'll go check her out. I really had no intention of buying her that day but when she emerged from her stall, I was in awe! She was stunning, regal, tall, dark gray and absolutely calm and gentle. I moved her out in the round pen and she floated in the air, her long legs moving with a steady cadence. I was hooked. I wrote a check for her on the spot. So now, I had to figure out where to hide her for two weeks until Christmas morning. I called a long time friend who happens to live next door to my oldest daughter where we were spending Christmas. She agreed to keep her and keep the secret. It was perfect. So Christmas morning, we handed Jordan the last present to open, a gray Breyer horse and a purple bowl that said, "look outside." Shocked, she turned around, looked out the window to the front yard and there stood her beloved Diva! She was speechless and I was a blubbering mess "She's yours Jordan." Truly one of the better holidays at Red Hawk Ranch. Check her out on our website, OTTB.

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