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Out With The Trash (Can)

You may be wondering why this trash can is getting such a regal send off here at Red Hawk Ranch. Well, its the trash can that helped me raise my three wonderful daughters. Its the throne that they each sat on every night while I was making dinner, telling me about their day, their school activities, their boy problems and most of all, their hopes and dreams for the future. For ten years, this magnificent trash can supported my girls (literally) as they negotiated life's challenges, reflecting on their mistakes and figuring out how to fix them.

"Hand me a spoon please," I asked Alyssa as she told me about her first job interview at On The Border restaurant. She was so nervous when I dropped her off at the restaurant but as the interview progressed, she relaxed and the manager saw a bright server in the her, and she got the job.

"Can you please stand for moment," I pleaded with Jordi so I could actually throw trash away in the trash can while I was cooking. Jordi LOVED that trash can, it was always her throne and her dinner table. We talked about her work with Maverick, her OTTB and how well he was doing jumping and in dressage. We planned our horse show weekends on that trash can -- or our trail rides and camping trips with the horses.

"Come and sit and tell me about your day," I would say to Jo as she burst into the kitchen, a frozen Kool Pop in hand. She would pounce on the can and launch into her adventures at school, the bank, the Thai restaurant, On The Border, and her journey to dental hygiene school at Collin College.

We had some amazing mother-daughter talks on that beloved trash can -- and some heated discussions as well. The girls are all grown now, two are married, some are in college, all are incredibly accomplished and strong women.

I am forever grateful to that trash can for giving me some of the best days of my life.

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