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RHR Shesa Shiny Wrangler

My husband and I were on our way out of town for a weekend of camping with some good friends at Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. Our reining mare, Alice, was due to deliver any day so I made a quick call to our vet Dr. Brett Spencer at Hooves and Paws Veterinary Clinic in Aubrey, TX. Turns out, Alice had given birth at 4 am to a healthy bay filly and both were doing well. We were so excited we turned the truck and LQ trailer around and headed to Aubrey to see our sweet new bundle of joy!

This is Red Hawk Ranch's first foal. She is absolutely precious and Alice, a maiden mare, is a wonderful mother. Alice allows me to hold and hug this sweet baby yet nickers when I get too close for too long. I spend an hour or so with the filly and then it is time to go to Oklahoma.

Alice and filly stay at the vet for a week just to make sure everything is ok. We brought them home last week and the filly is the biggest distraction! I find myself sneaking away from my computer every 2 hours or so to just sit and hang with the new girl. She is a sassy one so I have decided to call her Micah - a good strong name for a feisty and sturdy girl.

I look forward to spending the summer with this girl. I'm so proud of Alice and so in love with Micah.

Alice and Micah

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