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Oh Look...its not raining!

Well mother nature threw me a curve ball last weekend. I was scheduled to have a very large

equestrian event at the ranch, our biggest horse show to date! Naturally we were all excited to welcome everyone to the ranch.

The forecast all week wasn't great for Sunday -- 80% chance of thunderstorms and rain, with severe storms in the afternoon. I stressed about it all week but kept setting up the ranch for the event. I even called our local TV meteorologist Saturday morning and asked him for a hour-by-hour forecast for Sunday. He assured me rain was eminent so I canceled the show at 9 am Saturday morning.

Needless to say, many people were unhappy because everyone was ready for a great show. I made the call on the side of safety and to preserve the grass that is filling into our pastures. I didn't want everyone taking the hour plus drive to the ranch and showing up in the rain. We are not really set up for large events in the rain.

Then, Saturday afternoon BOOM - the forecast miraculously changed. The rain chances diminished and the grim rain forecast shifted an entire day. Sunday was beautiful! Cloudy and overcast but cool with a light breeze. Geez, I was screwed! My husband and kids kept walking into the house on Sunday saying,"Gee Mom, I need a bigger umbrella so I don't get pelted by the rain." "Hey Zilly, better cover your plants so they don't get damaged by ALL the hail." "Better hold onto a tree trunk so the spring storm doesn't blow you away."

Yes, always leave it to your family to make you feel worse than you do about making the wrong call! Live and learn! We joked that we wanted to rent a rain machine, throw real golf balls into the picture and post it on social media -- "Raining at the Ranch." But, we are all sort of twisted that way!

Lesson learned, don't call the show too early. And, reschedule 2-day show April 28 & 29!

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