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Happy Holidays !

What a year its been here at Red Hawk Ranch.

First we would like to thank all our competitors, trainers, judges, athletes, parents, horses, friends and family who helped make the 2018 Red Hawk Ranch Show year a great success! Our numbers continue to grow at each event and we are making continuous improvements to keep ya'll coming back to the ranch.

As we celebrate the holidays, I always like to reflect on the year past and daydream about the new adventures that lay ahead! We keep growing at the ranch, our latest addition is a miniature horse named Pumpkin. She looks like a mini-Haflinger, fuzzy with a wild, out-of-control fiery blond mane. She is learning to trust us, loves granola bars and struts around the herd like she's the leader.

We wish all you of you a very happy holiday season with family and friends. Embrace each other and be kind to all!

Happy Holidays,

Dave & Pamela McCarthy

Red Hawk Ranch

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