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If it seems like it has been unusually wet this Spring, you are right!!!!!

May is typically the wettest month of the year in Texas and this May has not stopped that trend. Our beautiful hay fields need to be cut but we can't get the equipment into the ranch to mow the hay because the ground is saturated. And, more rain is forecast for tomorrow and Thursday.

It's been a profoundly challenging year for horse shows this Spring with the NTHJC and DHJSC circuit shows in North Texas as most of the events have been cancelled due to bad weather and lots of rain. My hope is that mother nature drys up a little bit so we can host our first horse show of the year here at Red Hawk Ranch in a few weeks.

We've got the DHJSC show scheduled for June 15-16. Jumpers on Saturday, Hunters on Sunday. Right now the weather forecast looks promising. But, it's Texas so that could change in an instant. So keep up with forecasts and say a prayer for a cool, dry weekend so we can all compete and hang out with friends at the ranch. Since this is Father's Day weekend, we will be hosting our annual Father's Day Fishing Tournament. We have Cabella gift cards for the anglers who catch the biggest fish and the most fish. So bring your tackle, your bait and chair and cast a line in our pond. Biggest fish to date is a 4 lb large mouth bass caught by Jake Holmquest.

Our next summer show will be July 20-21 with the NTHJC group. Jumpers will be Saturday, Hunters on Sunday. Last year's show in July welcomed temperatures in the low 80s for this show so let's hope we see those cool temperatures again.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at Red Hawk Ranch this show season.

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